27 December, 2012

Johnny Gaat Naar Vaassen - 8 Tracks & Bootlegs [2005]

Blues covers by local band Johnny Gaat Naar Vaassen.
01 Things Are About to Change (David Gogo)
02 Monkey Around (Delbert McClinton)
03 Cynical (Storyville)
04 Long Gray Mare (Peter Green)
05 Soulshine (Warren Haynes)
06 Pride & Joy (Stevie Ray Vaughan)
07 All The Way Home (Bruce Spingsteen)
08 Big Legged Woman (Leon Russel Chris Blackwell)

14 December, 2012

Poontang Riders

Poontang Riders was founded in the autumn of 2005. The band was formed around the charismatic rock and roll frontwoman Suzan Deen in order to rock rock as intended. No bullshit just play and the audience get countless rocking and swinging songs. The band is ambitious and harmonious working. Large and small venues, pubs, youth centers, festivals, from Alkmaar to Amsterdam in all corners, no opportunity is too big or too small. Diligently Poontang Riders play any gig if it were their last.

In October 2006 appeared 'Poontang Fever' with 5 songs ranging from solid powerrock to bluesy grooves. In February 2008, in Ocki Klootwijk's "Rock Town" studio  (eg I `ve got the Bullets, vof De Kunst, Barry Hay and his Barking Dogs) the new mini-album 'Magnetized' was recorded. This CD contains 6 songs which mid May mixed by Rob van Boeckel New Road Studio `s (Rich Wymann, Busted, Henk Westbroek, Dany Lademacher). 'Magnetized' brings a new poontang-sound which dwell almost impossible. Through the website www.poontangriders.nl (not active anymore?) you can listen to and download songs already.

Love for music is the great motive, with unbridled enthusiasm and also modest means seeks as far as possible to come. Meanwhile Poontang Riders has a good live reputation and are a become welknown in the Noord-Holland region. The preliminaries for the 'Indian Summer Festival' (21-06-2008) and the 'Pepper Festival'? Hoorn (6 September 2008) for example, are particularly well. Both Manifesto Hoorn and Alkmaar in Parkhof the band was in good shape, the individual jury`s were therefore confident and have the band selected for these festivals. Given the large number of bands that participated quite an achievement to be proud of, and evidence of the growing shape and status. Steadily, the band is on, passion, fun and  enjoyment transfer to the public is our greatest challenge.

Source: http://www.nhpoplive.nl/band/6390469/Poontang-Riders&year=2008
Info: online translation is used

13 December, 2012

Here we go again...

Before you all go into hibernation due to the lack of new posts, I will post a few other Dutch private pressings.
They are not described in the book to which this blog was originally dedicated to.
I hope you like them anyway.