21 September, 2013

Catweazle -Demo Tape [1989]

Link has been updated: 15-01-2014

Catweazle started when Michael joined the band in mid 1988. Before it was called TROFOBLAST. Until 1990, Axe played guitar with BUITEN ADEM (sloppy hardcore/punkrock 1986 - 1987), Maynard played drums with BUITEN ADEM, REALITY ATTACK (pre-Mushroom Attack 1989), E.N.E. (pre-Human Error 1988), HUMAN ERROR (hardcore 1989), MUSHROOM ATTACK (hardcore 1990 – 1992), FLEAS AND LICE (metallic hardcore 1993 – now), Mark did vocals with DR.PHYBES (ska), Johan did bass with DR.PHYBES and Michael did vocals with PUINHOOP (chaoscore 1982-1984), BLOEDBAD (metallic hardcore 1984-1985), INTENSITY (pre-R.O.CONSPIRACY 1987), R.O.CONSPIRACY (metalcore 1988) and also drums for PCP (hardcrust 1997 – now) and TUCO RAMIREZ (grindcore 1998 – now).

The name Catweazle was taken from a British children television-series with the same name (look interviews). From 1988 – 1990, musically it was a more basic sound with alot of uptempo, grindy tempo’s. Lyrics (in Dutch, English and Spanish language) are very important and deal with political, social and personal topics. Around 1990 Mark and Maynard left the band. Mark went to play with local ska-band DR.PHYBES and other reggae projects. Currently he’s active making techno-music under the name CELTIC. Maynard continued playing for FLEAS AND LICE and started PCP together with some others in 1996. Currently he has started a band with Marvin/VARUKERS. Around 1992, when there was still not found any new vocalist, Johan left the band. He continued playing for DR.PHYBES, JEFF MINTER EXPERIENCE and is currently active in the techno-scene as SYMBIONT/SYMBIOTIC. In 1993, Erik joined as bassplayer and Emil as vocalist. The style changed to a somewhat more melodic approach but still uptempo. We were influenced by the broadest range of musical styles since all the members listen to different music. In October 1995 we finally recorded in the Bunt’s Studio in Utrecht. Through the internet we got in contact with Profane Existence Far East who has put out the "Cash And Pain Remain"mcd out in March 1996. In may 1997 was an highlight with a French/Spanish/Euskadi tour where we played some of our best concerts in squats, youthcenters, bars, union-buildings, theatres, cellars…. Some other records were put out after this tour and in October 1998 Axe left the band. After 1 year of trying to find a suitable new guitarplayer, we decided to call it quits.