10 April, 2013

Angelo Noce Santoro - 8

This week I got an email from Angelo Noce Santoro. He recently found out that Fonos.nl no longer distributes some of his albums. It looks Fonos.nl is offline.

Therefore he asked me if I would share these albums thru this blog, so the albums can still be listened to. Ofcourse I will, so here's the first of 3 albums he wants to share with us all.
We thank him for being so kind.

Santoro was the bassist of Cosmic Dealer in the early 70's. Cosmic Dealer released the legendary psychedelic Nederpop longplayer Crystallization. Santoro has been busy since he wrote between 1979 and 1995 160 instrumental songs, of which there are already a lot released on LP and CD.
Santoro '8 'consists of 19 songs recorded between 1985 and 1995 that were not previously released. Santoro plays most of the instruments himself. The tracks are atmospheric instrumentals. 
The atmosphere within the tracks is a bit sixties, psychedelic, sometimes bluesy and all topped with a hint of surf sound.


  1. Hey,

    sorry, but the link seemed not to work. a captcha is not available

    could you be so kind to fix this

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    1. There's nothing wrong with this link. Just tried it myself and the download is still available.