03 February, 2013

Pat Cool - Daybreak [1973]

Band from the south of the Netherlands (Limburg, Tegelen). Typical dutch early 70's sound: jazzy, mainly instrumental with lots of Hammond organ and some flute. Sounds a bit like Solution, Supersister and Focus (without guitar). Gé Titulaer sings horrible english, even I can hear that.
But the instrumental parts dominate and they are very good.
By the way, Gé is the father of the Dutch Idols winner 2004 Boris Titulaer.

Gé Titulaer: Keyboards, flutes, vocals
Huub Timmermans: Keyboards
Tom van der Schoot: Bass
Peter Tiggelers: Drums

Side 1:
1 When somedays [8:50]
2 What are you about [4:35]
3 For all who really had to cry [9:40]

Side 2:
1 Day break [4:40]
2 I wish [7:55]
3 There has been a change in me [8:45]

The sun king found his kingdom here [4:20]



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