06 June, 2019

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I restored some broken links.

Ronald Snijders-Black Straight Music

Desert Corbusier

Attila-Violent Streets

19 October, 2017

Double Feature - The Tide Turned [1987]

It has been a while back that I posted. The reason: there was nothing to share. Today however I can add this private pressing to our collection. 

Double Feature was a symphonic band. The album has 6 long tracks.

Bart Brouwer - keyboards / backing vocals
Guus Boers - lead vocals / guitar
Koos Cornelissen - guitar
Ton Engels - guitar
Henk van Mil - trumpet

08 July, 2016

Jam - From the Road [1976]

Two musicians, one from England, the other from France. Travelling around the world they landed in The Netherlands in 1976. The album was recorded in Germany, but is only released in The Netherlands. There were 500 copies pressed.

The album contains only 4 long folk-rock tracks, 2 instrumentals and 2 with vocals.

source: Private Dutch: A musical encyclopedia of Dutch private pressings, written by "Jean Jobses"

Guitar [Acoustic] – Jacques N. Leglise
Lyrics By – Michael Green
Music By – Jacques N. Leglise
Producer – Jacques N. Leglise
Vocals, Blues Harp – Michael Green

01 July, 2016

I'm sorry

It was long time ago that I read my email related to this blog. I did't know that the link to the album of Rene George Schenderling was broken. I have updated it now, so you can try to download it.



29 December, 2015

Rene George Schenderling - Messengers of Autumn [1981]

An anonymous (Christmas)gift from one of the visitors of this blog. Thanks again!

Obscure lp, keyboard-dominated. The style is symphonic.

19 August, 2015

Wally Tax Fundraising Memorial [2005]

Wally Tax died over 10 years ago at the age of 57. He was so poor the cost for the funeral had to be gathered through a fundraising memorial. This memorial took place on April 17th, 2005 @ Paradiso in Amsterdam.

A few years ago I got the recordings of this evening from a guy who also passed away a few years ago. Added to these recordings are some (internet)radio recordings

As far as I know these recordings are never released. I hope you will enjoy them.

17 September, 2014

The Clear - Fill it in yourself [1981]

Eerder actief als Wild Havanna waarmee in eigen beheer LP werd opgenomen in 1977, onder de naam Wild Havanna. The Clear borduurt  een beetje voort op hetzelfde muzikale stramien wat toen ook al gehandhaafd werd: een vleugje new wave, maar met onmisbare psychedelische invloeden.  In 1981 verscheen een LP waar de gebroeders Cor en Johan Smit, aangevuld met drummer Ifor Baynes op samenwerkten. Ook deze LP werd thuis opgenomen en in eigen beheer uitgebracht in een oplage van 1000 exemplaren. De plaat verscheen in een prachtige wit vinyl uitvoering.
Geduren 1983-84 werd opgetreden als the New Clear met o.a. Omar de Boer (gitaar, ex-Applejack, naar Headline), Eric Brouwer (drums, ex-Brouwsel'82 ), Jaap Scheringa ( toetsen) , Cor Smit en Rob Stevenhagen ( bas, naar Blackout).

Muzikanten die in de Clear hebben gespeeld:
Ifor Baynes ( 1981-1982, naar Bacopes)
Jack Jansen ( 1982, ex-Paintbox, naar Kaspar Inventi )
Ben Koole ( 1982, ex-Paintbox, naar kaspar Inventi)
Sydney Schonberger (1981, ex-ASHJ, naar Dynasty)
Cor Smit ( ex-Latin Pleasure, naar latin Pleasure )
Johan Smit ( 1981-1982) ex-ASHJ, naar Brouwsel '82 )