19 October, 2017

Double Feature - The Tide Turned [1987]

It has been a while back that I posted. The reason: there was nothing to share. Today however I can add this private pressing to our collection. 

Double Feature was a symphonic band. The album has 6 long tracks.

Bart Brouwer - keyboards / backing vocals
Guus Boers - lead vocals / guitar
Koos Cornelissen - guitar
Ton Engels - guitar
Henk van Mil - trumpet

1 comment:

  1. Какая же это симфоник-группа?! Дуэт из Эйндховена да ещё и нововолновый, это их второй альбом (мини), записанный с участием приглашённых двоих гитаристов да трубача...