13 October, 2013

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July, 15th 2014
Pegasus - Pegasus

June, 21 2014
Ronald Snijders - Natural Sources [1971] 
Angelo Noce Santoro - 40 jaar
Angelo Noce Santoro - 3
Angelo Noce Santoro - 8

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21 September, 2013

Catweazle -Demo Tape [1989]

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Catweazle started when Michael joined the band in mid 1988. Before it was called TROFOBLAST. Until 1990, Axe played guitar with BUITEN ADEM (sloppy hardcore/punkrock 1986 - 1987), Maynard played drums with BUITEN ADEM, REALITY ATTACK (pre-Mushroom Attack 1989), E.N.E. (pre-Human Error 1988), HUMAN ERROR (hardcore 1989), MUSHROOM ATTACK (hardcore 1990 – 1992), FLEAS AND LICE (metallic hardcore 1993 – now), Mark did vocals with DR.PHYBES (ska), Johan did bass with DR.PHYBES and Michael did vocals with PUINHOOP (chaoscore 1982-1984), BLOEDBAD (metallic hardcore 1984-1985), INTENSITY (pre-R.O.CONSPIRACY 1987), R.O.CONSPIRACY (metalcore 1988) and also drums for PCP (hardcrust 1997 – now) and TUCO RAMIREZ (grindcore 1998 – now).

The name Catweazle was taken from a British children television-series with the same name (look interviews). From 1988 – 1990, musically it was a more basic sound with alot of uptempo, grindy tempo’s. Lyrics (in Dutch, English and Spanish language) are very important and deal with political, social and personal topics. Around 1990 Mark and Maynard left the band. Mark went to play with local ska-band DR.PHYBES and other reggae projects. Currently he’s active making techno-music under the name CELTIC. Maynard continued playing for FLEAS AND LICE and started PCP together with some others in 1996. Currently he has started a band with Marvin/VARUKERS. Around 1992, when there was still not found any new vocalist, Johan left the band. He continued playing for DR.PHYBES, JEFF MINTER EXPERIENCE and is currently active in the techno-scene as SYMBIONT/SYMBIOTIC. In 1993, Erik joined as bassplayer and Emil as vocalist. The style changed to a somewhat more melodic approach but still uptempo. We were influenced by the broadest range of musical styles since all the members listen to different music. In October 1995 we finally recorded in the Bunt’s Studio in Utrecht. Through the internet we got in contact with Profane Existence Far East who has put out the "Cash And Pain Remain"mcd out in March 1996. In may 1997 was an highlight with a French/Spanish/Euskadi tour where we played some of our best concerts in squats, youthcenters, bars, union-buildings, theatres, cellars…. Some other records were put out after this tour and in October 1998 Axe left the band. After 1 year of trying to find a suitable new guitarplayer, we decided to call it quits.

17 July, 2013

13 July, 2013

Ronald Snijders - Natural Sources [1971]

Ronald Snijders is considered to be the most swinging flutist in the Netherlands (Jazz magazine Jazz nu), and the inventor of African Surinam kawinajazz. He was born in Paramaribo, Suriname in 1951 and started to play the flute at the age of seven, influenced by his professionally flute playing father. In his youth he also practised guitar, sax, some piano and percussion, playing popular music, classical music, Brazilian music plus jazz.

In september of 1970 he settled in Delft, the Netherlands to study civil engineering, but about five years later he was a professional selftaught musician. Among his awards shines the Press prize at the prestigious NOS jazzconcours of 1973 in Laren, won with a flute solo. The legendary bandleader Boy Edgar who was presiding the jury said: Ronald Snijders has extreme skill and creativity. Jazz pianist Chick Corea wrote of him in 1976: You're a great flutist and an excellent composer…I'm sure people here in the United states will like your music a lot. And as jazz journalist Rudy Koopmans put it some years later: the most brillant fluteplayer in the field of improvised music in the Netherlands (Volkskrant).

Ronald Snijders produced and released twenty albums with innovative compositions of his own, varying in style from North American jazz and fusion to new African Caribbean jazz (among which Surinam kasekojazz and kawinajazz), Brazilian grooves and other worldjazz. Furthermore he played on albums of the Dutch Willem Breuker collective (in which he worked between 1974 and 1976), the partly Surinam Fra Fra big band and the Moroccan Weshm.

This, his debut release on his own Black Straight Music label, is a true collectors item. Not only does he play every instrument on the album, he is composer, producer and album art designer! Smooth, dense and spacey funky jazz with an exotic Brasilian-tinged flavour is order of the day. The man ticks every box here...enjoy!

1) Skin Source
2) Seven Wings
3) Galibi
4) Exchanged
5) Dagoe Sji Jorka
6) Busy Street
7) Todo Bere
8) Roseille
9) Temple Of Faith
10) Brazilian Blue


04 May, 2013

Desert Corbusier - Walked Up and Down the Stairs, Searched the Building All Over [1981]

Desert Corbusier was a short-lived Dutch group from around 1980-1981 that self-released a few cassettes and one vinyl EP. They played a dark, avant garde, and minimalist post punk, with deep vocals by a young Richard Cameron, who would later find fame in the duo Arling-Cameron. They found moderate success in Berlin, Germany and Zagreb, Croatia, where they would play for up to 3000 people. All their releases were put out and produced themselves.
source: http://goutroy.blogspot.com/


  1. Teach Yourself
  2. The Room
  3. Can't Stay Too Long in This House
  4. Safely Secure

17 April, 2013

Angelo Noce Santoro - 40 jaar

Celebrating his 40th anniversary as artist, Angelo Noce Santoro released a compilation CD with archive material. You can hear rare recordings including Cosmic Dealer, The Noble Band (with singer Marjan Noble), a live recording of Palmeira and the Oriental Guitars, Santoro's current band.

Again: Angelo, thanks for sharing!

13 April, 2013

Angelo Noce Santoro - 3

Santoro 3 was recorded, mixed and produced by Angelo Noce Santoro in the ANS Studio Zwijndrecht between 1979-1981. The bonus tracks are recorded between 1985-1987. The release of the LP Santoro 3 was planned in the year 1981/1982 but was postponed due to the success of Santoro's surf album
"Land of the Pharaoh". Santoro 3 contains 15 instrumental rock songs, with funk, soul and Latin influences topped with a psychedelic twist. Just like his other solo projects (almost) all instruments played by Santoro himself and also the compositions of his own. An atmospheric album!

10 April, 2013

Angelo Noce Santoro - 8

This week I got an email from Angelo Noce Santoro. He recently found out that Fonos.nl no longer distributes some of his albums. It looks Fonos.nl is offline.

Therefore he asked me if I would share these albums thru this blog, so the albums can still be listened to. Ofcourse I will, so here's the first of 3 albums he wants to share with us all.
We thank him for being so kind.

Santoro was the bassist of Cosmic Dealer in the early 70's. Cosmic Dealer released the legendary psychedelic Nederpop longplayer Crystallization. Santoro has been busy since he wrote between 1979 and 1995 160 instrumental songs, of which there are already a lot released on LP and CD.
Santoro '8 'consists of 19 songs recorded between 1985 and 1995 that were not previously released. Santoro plays most of the instruments himself. The tracks are atmospheric instrumentals. 
The atmosphere within the tracks is a bit sixties, psychedelic, sometimes bluesy and all topped with a hint of surf sound.

03 February, 2013

Pat Cool - Daybreak [1973]

Band from the south of the Netherlands (Limburg, Tegelen). Typical dutch early 70's sound: jazzy, mainly instrumental with lots of Hammond organ and some flute. Sounds a bit like Solution, Supersister and Focus (without guitar). Gé Titulaer sings horrible english, even I can hear that.
But the instrumental parts dominate and they are very good.
By the way, Gé is the father of the Dutch Idols winner 2004 Boris Titulaer.

Gé Titulaer: Keyboards, flutes, vocals
Huub Timmermans: Keyboards
Tom van der Schoot: Bass
Peter Tiggelers: Drums

Side 1:
1 When somedays [8:50]
2 What are you about [4:35]
3 For all who really had to cry [9:40]

Side 2:
1 Day break [4:40]
2 I wish [7:55]
3 There has been a change in me [8:45]

The sun king found his kingdom here [4:20]


07 January, 2013

Jan Mulder - Luisterbijdrage [1982]

Jan Mulder is the son of Johan Mulder, formerly hotel owner in Oldenzaal.
In collaboration with arranger, conductor, poet, composer, and founder of the Big Band Scaramouche Geert Christenhusz, this record was created.
Jan takes the vocals and guitar on his behalf, Hennie Wilber (Vocals), Andre Spoler (saxophone, clarinet, flute and bass), Ton Lamers (Drums) and Geert Christenhusz (Keys). Lyrics are by Jan Mulder and Hennie Talens.

From time to time Jan performs in the hotel, which is now run by his brother in law and sister. Regularly he entertains guests who spend their holidays with cabaret songs.

This album is contributed by one of the visitors of my blog.