07 January, 2013

Jan Mulder - Luisterbijdrage [1982]

Jan Mulder is the son of Johan Mulder, formerly hotel owner in Oldenzaal.
In collaboration with arranger, conductor, poet, composer, and founder of the Big Band Scaramouche Geert Christenhusz, this record was created.
Jan takes the vocals and guitar on his behalf, Hennie Wilber (Vocals), Andre Spoler (saxophone, clarinet, flute and bass), Ton Lamers (Drums) and Geert Christenhusz (Keys). Lyrics are by Jan Mulder and Hennie Talens.

From time to time Jan performs in the hotel, which is now run by his brother in law and sister. Regularly he entertains guests who spend their holidays with cabaret songs.

This album is contributed by one of the visitors of my blog.


  1. Anonymous01 May, 2013

    Hoi DPP.

    Ben benieuwd!

    Heb je toevalig de muziek van Jukebox 2008 van Herman van Veen uit 1976


  2. No I haven't. Doesn't fit on this blog also I think.