01 August, 2012


Private Dutch is a musical encyclopedia about Dutch private pressings, released in the 70's and 80's, written by Jean Jobses. After buying this book, I was challenged to find all of the music he wrote about. So far I did not succeed in collecting them all. But what I did found, I want to share with you all, by starting this blog. So subscribe to my blog if you are just like me an enourmess fan of obscure and beautiful music of Dutch origin.

If you want more information about the records I have posted, you can either use Google or buy the book, which is still for sale.

All files are offered in the best quality I got and are compressed with 7z. This is open source software that can be downloaded here.
Sometimes files had to be split before I could upload them. To join the splitted files use Free File Splitter.

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